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About Us

Capital Collision Equipment has been supplying and servicing the Collision Repair Market in MD, DE, WV, DC, and VA for over 40 years. We proudly sell Spanesi, Polyvance, GYS, and AIM Products to name a few. You can view all of the products that we sell here.

At Capital Collision, we not only sell you the equipment or tool. We are there to help you and/or your staff utilize in the correct way to maximize it’s earning potential. We don’t just sell and go. You can call on us for service questions, technical equipment questions, or even if you have a new tech that needs to learn the equipment that you have.

Having been in the Collision Repair Industry for over 40 years, we can tell you that the most significant problem that we face today is a massive technician shortage. For 20+ years, Dave Hardester (the owner of Capital Collision Equipment), has selflessly volunteered his time, talent, expertise, and thousands of dollars in equipment to ensure the students had the best experience possible at the Maryland Skills USA Collision Repair Competition. This competition brings together students from vocational schools, studying Collision Repair, to compete for a chance to go to the National Competition.

In addition to selling equipment to the vocational schools at a price that is minimal over cost, Capital Collision Equipment also runs a sale each month on at least 10 products where he donates a portion of the profits to the I-CAR Collision Education Foundation. These funds are marked for local schools and help assist the schools in getting the equipment and supplies they need.

Capital Collision Equipment also participates in a merchandise program through Funding Collision Repair Programs. He offers merchandise on his website and money from the purchase goes back to the local vocational schools. If you would like to participate in this program, you can click here to contact them.

At the end of the day, we know it isn’t just about making that sale. It’s about enabling technicians to make a living and provide for their families. It’s about being there when someone needs help, showing you how to work more efficiently, maximize your earning potential, and a relentless dedication to training up the next generation of our industry.

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