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Funding Future Technicians


According to the Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry – Executive Summary of the 2019 Survey, completed by the Collision Repair Education Foundation as well as I-CAR; the need for a continual supply of qualified entry-level technicians continues to be a major challenge facing our industry.

The average technician age has again increased and is now over 41 years old, according to the summary. There is no time to waste. If we want our industry to survive the future, it has to be properly staffed with quality employees.


The first step is getting kids interested in the industry. Every career and technical school have a back to school night or night reserved for the middle school age children to come in and see the different trades. How many have you been too? Probably, if you are like most of us, not many. But you need too. Volunteer at your local school’s Career Day, talk to the kids and explain that while college is great – it isn’t for everyone. AND THAT’S OK.

Mike Rowe explains it in a great way. Check out these two videos:

Should you go to college? by Mike Rowe

The High Cost of College by Mike Rowe

After we can make a mind shift, we – THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY – needs to be accountable to make sure local Vocational and Trade Schools have what they need to provide a quality education for the people that will be the future of the Collision Repair Industry.

A lot of the time, what they really need is YOU. You – a seasoned professional – coming in to tell them what it is really like to be a tech, a painter, a manager, an owner… that there is money to still be made in this field and that there is maximum job security with the small candidate pool that is available now.

Don’t know who to contact to help? Want to start that relationship with your local school but aren’t sure how? Email our MD I-CAR Committee and they can make the introductions for you. The MD Committee can also be a great point of contact if you would like to be a judge for the Maryland Skills USA Collision Repair/Automotive Refinishing/Estimating Competition held annually.

Each month, we run a flash sale. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit local schools in the way of tools and materials via The Collision Education Foundation. If you are looking for some good deals – check it out.

We also sell merchandise with our logo on it, we donate the proceeds to the Collision Education Foundation. There is also a website, where you can purchase Collision Repair merch and support the schools as well. Prior to their site coming back online, you can email them. You can also contract with ACS Global (that is who sponsors the site) to have your own line of merchandise and donate the proceeds as well.

Check out our merch and help benefit our local collision repair programs!

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