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What is PDR?

PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a method that restores a panel back to it’s original contour and shape without damaging the paint. It is good for the customer as the original finish is not disturbed and good for our environment since it eliminates the need for so many chemicals.

PDR is quickly becoming a part of everyday life in an Automotive Collision Repair Facility. When all you hear is CYCLE TIME, CYCLE TIME, CYCLE TIME – you start to look for innovative ways to “Push the car to Paint” faster.

OK, SO how do I use it to MAKE MONEY?

There are numerous ways to utilize PDR in your shop in order to gain efficiency and increase your profitability – all while decreasing your cycle time. A good PDR technician can move express type (minor) damage through the shop in a much shorter amount of time. There is no grinding, working, filling, sanding, filling… you get the picture… then it still has to wait in line for paint and then again for reassembly.

Another way is to use the techniques on larger damage to get the panel close enough that you only need a topcoat and minor sanding to get it to paint.

The most impressive way to make money using PDR in a Collision Repair Facility is to use it on aluminum. That’s right – glue pulling has come a long way. We have a product, PULL UP!, that has glue strong enough that a tower can be hooked to it. PDR techniques with picks is also just as effective when utilizing the OEM’s allowable temperature range to use heat for the ALUMINUM repair process. You were going to have to paint it either way – why not get it there easier and faster? Aluminum isn’t going away! EMBRACE IT NOW – it is one of the last areas that allows you a higher profit margin. Do you need training for your technicians on Aluminum? Contact us and we can quote you a price for in-shop hands-on training.

PDR Weapons of Choice

The SPANESI PULL UP! system – Click on this to see the product as well as videos on how the process works. It is quite amazing.

BETAG Innovation’s T-HOTBOX – also with videos. Click here to check it out.


The Aluminum Flatliner by BETAG Innovation & the Flatliner system for Steel

One of the most important tools for this job is proper lighting and a lot of it! Check out BETAG Innovation’s new light… The Starled Wide

PDR Tool Kits by DENT FIX

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