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Polyvance PR-01: Intro to Nitrogen Plastic Welding

Our very own in-house trainer a factory-approved trainer for Polyvance. The best news is that this class also qualifies for I-CAR points through the I-CAR Training Alliance AND it is conducted at YOUR facility so there is no traveling or additional down time for your technician.

Plastics are used all over today’s vehicles and will only become more prevalent as the manufacturers use it to reduce vehicle weight to meet stringent fuel economy mandates. Technicians who know how to
repair plastics will be the ones who will thrive in the future. Polyvance’s nitrogen plastic welding course will start you down the path to mastery of nitrogen plastic welding, the latest technology for plastic repair.
At the end of this three-hour hands-on course, you will be able to do the following:
• Identify different plastic types
• Explain the basic nitrogen welding process
• Properly operate the plastic welder
• Weld a tear to the edge of the bumper
• Repair a hole in the bumper
• Repair a torn slot tab
• Repair a torn flange
• Repair a thermoset polyurethane (PUR) bumper
This course is recognized under the I-CAR® Industry Training Alliance® program. Students who complete this approved training are eligible to apply for three I-CAR credit hours and/or Knowledge Area recognition. All students must complete the pretest, post-test, and hands-on section of the course
in order to apply for the three I-CAR credits. I-CAR credits are included with the cost of this course because Polyvance is an I-CAR Sustaining
Partner (only in the United States).

This program runs around 3 hours. The cost is $500 and it is good for three students. Complete the contact form below and we will get you scheduled!

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